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Insert your own Horatio Alger story here... but put an Emma Holly twist on it. ;-)

I'm a newby here, but I love so many fanfiquistes who have ljs that I finally gave in. Maybe when I'm actually caught up on one of my stories I'll post some chapters here or troll for betas. My name on TtH and fanfiction.net is jennzabelle, but someone already had that here, so... just pretend I stole it back and scrambled it up for protective custody.

And I have to warn you all that I'm holding out on seeing any Stargate after 7.03 The Adventures of Mini-Me and will continue to do so, dammit, because I need to finish writing the rest of my Original Reality arc for FHtA I before I get caught up in the developments of new!Daniel, post!Jonas, Cam and Vala and Landry and other people I can't help but hear about because I'm not, ya know, dead! So pleasepleaseplease don't make it harder than it has to be to keep this promise to myself. And, yes, I'm fully aware that it's stupid to refrain now that the show is *Off The Air*, but it's a thing. Just roll with it, 'kay? Mock behind my back. Not a problem.